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Photography has played an important creative role in my life as an artist. It has helped me record images, later to be used as a basis for my paintings as well as producing images which I consider as finished pieces of art in their own right.

My photographic work is divided basically into three sections.
1. Abstract Art Images. 2. Wildlife and Landscape Images 3. Photos of general subjects taken purely to be reproduced as photographic images.

Photography: Text


Most of the images in the Abstract Art Photos gallery are based on landscapes and have been taken and edited on my iPhone 11 Pro. Max.

I am hoping by developing these abstract photo images that I may be able to use them as a source for future  abstract paintings.

Photography: Text
Photography: Selected Work


The wildlife photos I take are used both as a reference for artwork and to be reproduced as photos in their own right in the form of calendars, greetings cards, noteless, etc.

The observation and study of nature is something I have enjoyed for many years. Walking my dogs around the nature reserves close to my home in Collingham is one of the highlights of my day. Combining my love of photography with my interest in nature has enabled me to capture the images you can see displayed below.

Photography: Text
Photography: Portfolio


Trying to capture images of people, scenes and relevant moments has been the basis of my photographic work.

Like many of the well known photographers, I always try to carry a camera with me at all times. In photography capturing the moment when it occurs is the essence of a successful image. The right moment to capture an image rarely lasts long and is usually not repeated. Although this has been made easier of late with the development of mobile phone cameras. All the images shown below were taken on one of my Canon DSLR cameras, using a variety of lenses.

Photography: Text
Photography: Portfolio
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